Would you like to improve your English Language skills?


We have years of experience when it comes to improving the comprehension and use of formal and colloquial English. If you live here permanently or just visiting, then learn to enjoy the art of conversation with native speakers. 

Reading and Writing

Would you like to enjoy the rich tapestry of English Literature? Do you find reading maps or completing a  form to be challenging? Then sign up today.

Beginners to Advanced

Whatever you current level we can accomodate your specific needs.

Britoria Education offers the following courses:

Speaking and Listening

Being understood is a fundamental aspect of language, from ordering food to asking directions. Equally important is being able to understand the answer. Britoria Education will give you the confidence to succeed.

Citizenship Classes

Looking to stay in the UK? Need help with the Home Office Citizenship exam? We can provide and teach the most up to date citizenship material, to help you pass first time. 

English for your job

Want a pay rise but just can't say it clearly? Need to write a clear CV? Part of our English for work courses we help you construct a quality CV, help you with interview strategies and how to ask those all important questions.

English as a foreign language

Here on a short trip or vacation? Need an intensive program but do not have the time for a long session of study? We can provide 1-2-1 teaching that will make your time in the UK a wonderful experience.

Courses from £15 per 2 hour session


Daytime, Evening and Weekends

Small groups of individually prepared lessons tailored to your needs.

Take our functional English test to check your current level

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